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Samsung AltZLife update is rolled out to Samsung Galaxy A51 & Galaxy A71 including Quick Switch, Content Suggestions Privacy Features

Samsung AltZlife

Samsung AltZLife including Quick Switch, Content Suggestions, and new privacy functions is rolled out to Samsung Galaxy A51 And Galaxy A71 in India. The two functions help users hide their private files and data that they would not want others to see. Quick Switch can be activated by double-pressing the power button that switches from normal mode to private mode. The Content Suggestions feature uses AI to suggest moving private content to the Secure Folder.

Samsung AltZLife Quick Switch feature

Samsung claims that with Quick Switch, users can switch between a normal mode and private mode for apps like Gallery, WhatsApp, and others. The private mode of these apps is “secured by Samsung Knox in the Secure Folder of Galaxy smartphones,” as said by the company in a press release. It states that when switching from normal to a private mode of an app, the user will be asked for authentication that is different from unlocking the phone. When switching back to normal mode, no password or any kind of authentication is required. It will work even if the app does not have a private mode.

Samsung AltZLife Content Suggestions Feature

Another function is Content Suggestions that use on-device AI to suggest “moving private content to the Secure Folder.” Samsung says this feature does not require interaction with any server or cloud as the processing is handled by the on-device AI. There is an app inside the Secure Folder that automatically suggests users to move private images to the Secure Folder. To use this feature, users will have to select particular faces or a type of image that they want to make private. Then, the AI engine takes over and identifies relevant images in the gallery.

Samsung AltZlife is only rolled out to Samsung Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71 users via a software update on August 10.

Source: Gadget360

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