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Samsung 0.7μm-Pixel ISOCELL Image Sensors announced: Report

Samsung 0.7μm-Pixel ISOCELL

Samsung 0.7μm-Pixel ISOCELL Image Sensors have been announced. the South Korean giant wants to expand the ultra-high-resolution offerings to mainstream smartphones. The company has used its advanced ISOCELL Plus and Smart-ISO technologies which are specially optimized for 0.7μm. The South Korean company adds that ISOCELL Plus retains the received light while Smart-ISO makes full use of the incoming light by intelligently adjusting the ISO.

Samsung 0.7μm-Pixel ISOCELL Image Sensors specifications

Samsung 0.7μm-Pixel ISOCELL Image Sensors specifications
Source: Samsung

Samsung ISOCELL HM2 (108-megapixel)

It is the third 108MP image sensor from Samsung after HMX and HM1. The HM2 sensor comes with Super PD, a faster and more effective phase detecting autofocus technology, and similar to the HM1, features a nine-pixel binning solution as well as 3x lossless zoom.

ISOCELL GW3 (64-Megapixel)

This one is a 64Mp-image sensor upgraded for mainstream devices. The GW3’s optical size is almost similar to Samsung’s 0.8μm 48Mp image sensor because of the smaller pixel size. It captures bright images with high color fidelity due to Tetracell and Smart-ISO technologies. It also featuring gyro-based electronic image stabilization (EIS) for sharper still photos and steadier videos. The GW3 can support video recording at up to 4K resolution at 60 frames-per-second (fps).

ISOCELL GM5 (48-Megapixel)

This image sensor is a versatile 48Mp-image sensor that is manufactured for use in telescoping or ultra-wide-angle cameras. The GM5 sensor supports high-speed full-HD recording at 480fps. It comes with a staggered-HDR feature, a faster and more power-efficient HDR technology.

ISOCELL JD (32-Megapixel)

This is the industry’s smallest 32Mp-image sensor at 1/3.14-inches. Similar to the GM5, the JD1 also features the first ISOCELL image sensors to offer staggered-HDR. The company said it is an ideal solution for smartphones with bezel-less displays that integrate a hole-in-active-area or motorized pop-up mechanism for the front-facing camera.

The company says that the newest image sensors are up to 15-per cent smaller at compared to the 0.8μm sensors of the same resolution and reduce the height of the camera module by up to 10 percent. The smaller form factor of the 0.7μm image sensors provides more flexibility to manufacturers for added features and more streamlined designs. The small pixel size will allow cameras to be more powerful with thin smartphone designs. The HM2, GW3, and JD1 sensors are currently being mass-produced whereas the company has started providing samples of GM5 to consumers.

Source: Samsung

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