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New Fourex Map introduced : PUBG Mobile 0.19.0 Update

New Fourex Map introduced in the beta version of PUBG mobile 0.19.0. Tencent regularly works on improving PUBG gaming experience as well as try to make this game even more interesting by introducing New features and New Maps. PUBG Fourex Map leaked in a 0.19.0 beta version in which they introduced a new vehicle which is Monster Truck with some more major updates.

Major Updates List :

1. New Fourex Map

Before releasing Erangle 2.0 Tencent comes with a new twist, with a new Map called Fourex. This map is not large as Erangle or Miramar, expected diameter of the Fourex Map is 2x2km. You will see a new vehicle in Fourex Map that is Monster truck.

2. New Gun – Spas 12

You will see SPAS 12 a new shotgun in the upcoming update. It has a magazine of 7 bullets and deals with very high damage in close range you will knock your enemies with a single bullet. It is only available in Supply drop or Airdrop.

3. New TDM Mode – Gun Game Mode

This new Gun Game Mode is almost similar to Call of Duty Gun Game mode. In this mode every time you kill a player, your weapons will automatically change. To win the match in this Gun Game mode you have to kill your enemies with every Gun.

4. Automatically give Callouts

If you play call of duty then you know that there is AI making system in which your character will automatically give callouts to your teammates, when you kill enemies, reload, or gets knocked down, etc. Now you will see the same callouts feature in PUBG mobile 0.19.0 Update.

5. Play with P90 in classic match too

Currently, P90 available only for TDM matches but no more you can play with P90 in classic match too. Yes, you heard it right, In the upcoming update Tencent decided to add P90 in Classic match too. Here are the leaks about new fourex map and some major updates


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