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IOS 14 major leaks and upcoming features

IOS 14

Apple is all set to launch its IOS 14 in the upcoming WWDC event. Plenty of features and customization will introduce by Apple in IOS 14. A new fitness app, new features for messages, a new Safari browser, Apple Maps, Podcasts, and much more. Apple delayed its official WWDC event because of Coronavirus Pandemic but still, there are higher chances that apple will held its WWDC event on 26th June.

iOS 14 Features

Home Screen customisation

Apple will add a list view in iOS 14, which rearrange all the apps according to alphabetically order so that people could easily access all the Apps in their iPhone. People also used filters too. Apple allowed all of the apps to be viewed in a list in their Apple watch, the same feature could come to the iOS 14.

New features for Safari Browser

Safari will get translation powers almost like those found on Google Chrome and permit you to toggle between languages at the press of a button, albeit you do not have cell signal or Wi-Fi. The report also mentioned it’s going to be available on a number of Apple’s other apps also. Safari can also gain Apple Pencil support with the power to use it as a cursor to click and scroll also as take notes or mark-up pages.

New fitness App

Apple working on its own fitness app that you may be see in upcoming iOS 14. According to Macrumors report, Apple could include all major type of activities like running, cycling, rowing, strength training, dance and Yoga.

IOS 14 major leaks and upcoming features

With the App, you can track all your progress as well as suggest more fitness activities and training programs. The App would free available on iPhone, Apple Watch and Apple Tv but you will have to pay to access its premium content.

Augmented Reality App

Apple can also be performing on a replacement augmented reality app for iOS 14. The app would allow you to access more information about a few physical product you’re seeing at a store without having to look for it online. The report references the Apple Store and Starbucks at launch, but it might be expanded to other retailers also.

Apple Car Keys

Apple has been performing on a feature called Apple Car Key that might enable users to show their devices into a key fob for their car.

IOS 14 major leaks and upcoming features

BMW is rumored to be one among the manufacturers working with Apple on this, but it’s unclear whether or not this is able to include other manufacturers and which car models would be compatible. it is also possible only the newer iPhones and Apple Watches would be CarKey-enabled.

New features in messages app

Apple’s Messages app is rumored to be taking a hint from other messaging apps like Slack and WhatsApp by allowing users to say specific people in group chats by adding an @ symbol before their name.

IOS 14 major leaks and upcoming features

The app would also include a choice to delete a message once it’s already been sent or mark a message as unread as you’d with an email. We’re also expecting a replacement batch of emojis alongside some new tricks for Animojis and Memojis


Podcast creators will have the choice to develop bonus content for podcasts, and there’ll be a user profile which will let Podcast users see what their friends are listening.

Apple maps

Apple will also add some more features in Maps too. Apple recently add nearby features in their map app which allows users to show users nearby restaurants, petrol pump, Spa and hotel just like google maps. Apple is planning to add some more feature in Maps, through which iPhone Users could easily reach their location.

Source: MacRumors

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