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Huawei Smart Lamp 2 Desk lamp launched with zero blue light emission

Huawei Smart Lamp 2

Huawei Smart Lamp 2 has been launched in China. The lamp has been highlighted for its ergonomic design and zero blue light emission. The lamp comes in a single white color variant.

Huawei Smart Lamp 2 Specifications and Features

Huawei Smart Lamp 2 covers an area of 2 square meters on the desk and has a wide field of view and no dark areas, and can relieve eye fatigue. The lamp also supports three-axis adjustment. The upper and lower rotation axis of the lamp panel is 200 degrees, the left, and right rotation axis is 180 degrees, and the base rotation axis is 55 degrees. Users can adjust the height and angle as per requirement.

The smart lamp 2 has been marked as emitting zero blue light and also received certification from five authoritative monitoring institutions. There is also no flicker, no radiation. It also features a national AA level illumination, ensuring eye safety in all aspects.

The national AA-level is superior to the national A-level in terms of regional illuminance, lightning range, and uniformity of illuminance. These are China’s national reading and writing desk lamp standards.

The peak central illuminance reaches 4839LUX and the light is uniform and soft. The table lamp has a Ra>95 color rendering index, meeting the museum-level color rendering index requirements.

Huawei Smart Lamp 2 Price and Availability

Huawei Smart Lamp 2

Huawei Smart Lamp 2 is priced at 199 yuan ( Rs. 2144 approx ) but currently, it is on sale for a promotional price of 179 yuan ( Rs.1928 approx). The lamp comes in a solo white color option and is already available on the Tmall website.

Source: Gizmochina

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