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How to Secure your Youtube Channel from Hacking in 2020

How to Secure your Youtube Channel from Hacking in 2020

How to Secure your Youtube Channel from Hacking? many people lost their Youtube channel because of hacking, even some have millions of Subscribers. Most of you also want to be a YouTuber but before starting it you have to know how hackers will hack your youtube channel. So you can easily secure your YouTube channel from hacking.

What is Youtube ?


Youtube is one of the best free platforms which provides you an opportunity to make money by entertaining people with your skills. Even many people choose Youtube as a permanent career option, You already know most of the YouTubers who have millions of Subscribers and earn decent money from Youtube.

Follow steps to Secure your Youtube Channel from Hacking :

Don’t registered G-mail in anonymous site

registered G-mail in anonymous site

Registering your Gmail account which is linked with your YouTube account in an anonymous site can increase the chances of hacking your YouTube channel. When you enter your Gmail ID and password on any anonymous site, they will get data related to your ID and password and they can do anything that they want. So never register Gmail ID and password in an anonymous site. You can use Fake Gmail instead of a real one is the best way to registering your Gmail account.

Use Two Step Verification

Google Two Step Verification

If you want to secure your youtube channel from hacking then you have to always turn on Two-Step Verification for your Gmail account. You can easily turn on Two-Step Verification by click here. Two-step Verification prevents hackers from hacking your account, Hackers can’t access your Gmail account even if they have your ID password. They still need your phone or Security Key to get into your account. This way hackers not easily hacks your account.

Safe your account from Email Phishing

Email Phishing
Source : Vadesecure

Email Phishing is one of the oldest hacking techniques used by hackers. In this process, Hackers send you an email in which they offer you promotions or many fake opportunities and make a fake webpage that looks the same as the Gmail account webpage. When you enter your Gmail account they will easily get the password of your account. You can secure your account from Email Phishing by checking the URL of the webpage sent by hackers. If URL started with a suspicious character or misspelled words then you have to go back from that webpage or simply close the webpage without filling an email ID and password. This way you will secure your Youtube Channel from Hacking.

Don’t Advertise your YouTube videos with Suspicious website

Many websites offer you to advertise your YouTube video at minimum cost but sometimes these websites are fraud sites. When you give your Account ID and password to these sites, they will increase your YouTube views and likes for some videos but after some time they will change the ownership of your YouTube account and you lose the access of your youtube account. So be alert before promoting your videos using anonymous sites and Secure your Youtube Channel from Hacking.

Don’t click on suspicious links mentioned in the Comment section

fake comment

This is a new trick used by hackers in which they will provide a link in your video’s comment when you click on these links, most of the time you have chances to lose your YouTube account. Sometimes hackers used bots to perform this hacking process, you can identify these bots by their names, So never click on suspicious comments.

I hope you follow all these steps and secure your youtube channel from hacking. Are you already follow these steps or not let me know in the comment section.

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