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Apple Offering Customized MacBooks, iMacs in India

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Now Cupertino giant, Apple Offering Customized Macbooks, iMacs, and even Mac Mini. If you always wanted to customize your Mac with the exact hardware of your choice but was frustrated at the lack of options offered by Apple in India, you’re in luck.

The new options are listed on Apple’s official India website. However, Apple doesn’t have any official webstore in India yet, so the buyers will have to visit their local Apple Authorized sellers to order their customized Macbooks, iMacs, or Mac Mini. Build-to-Order (BTO) Macs will reportedly be delivered in a time span of 4-5 weeks.


According to the report, Apple is now offering customization options for the entire Mac variants in India with BTO options, allowing the customers to request specific hardware configurations, including additional RAM, extra storage, or a more powerful graphics card in the country.

Apple Offering Customized Macbooks, the Customers in the country had long asked for more customization options, so many would-be Mac buyers would now be happy with the new customization options available. It may increase Apple Market share for MacBooks, iMac, and Mac Mini in India.

Apple’s Desktop Market Share

Talking about the Desktop Market share of Apple, Apple With macOS at 10.10% Operating System Market Share while Windows is the immovable object in the world of PC operating systems with a desktop OS market share of 87.37%. So, Apple is at Second Place if we compare the desktop market share but Apple’s Desktop Market share Graph is continuously increasing and this customization options update may add more to this market share.

But due to the high pricing of Apple, it might prevent most people from opting for high-end hardware. According to reports, the company is charging around Rs. 30,000 ($400) extra to go from 16GB to 32GB DDR4 RAM options. In retail stores and e-commerce portals, 16GB of DDR4 typically costs around Rs. 6,000-7000 ($80-95) depending on speed, latency, and the brand.

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