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Airtel’s gift to Kolkata metro commuters, will get full network even while passing through the riverbed

Bharti Airtel is one of the leading telecom operators in India. Who strives to provide better network connectivity to customers in different areas and in any situation. Sampriti, the telco, has announced that it will provide network services to Kolkata’s underwater metro passengers even while traveling, for which they have already set up high capacity nodes 35 meters below the Hooghly River. And as a result, Airtel customers can enjoy better quality network services in India’s first underwater metro.

Airtel through a press release said that they are investing heavily in the network. As a result they became the first telecom operator to provide seamless connectivity to the underwater metro. Notably, the underwater metro service connects Kolkata’s east-west corridor to Howrah Maidan with the Esplanade.

Incidentally, Airtel has extended its network to Howrah Maidan, Howrah Station, Mahakaran and Esplanade Station through fiber connectivity. And by deploying high capacity nodes here, the company is ensuring seamless 5G access to its customers in metros.

Airtel West Bengal and Odisha CEO Ayan Sarkar said that Airtel is committed to taking any risk to provide better services to its customers. And the initiative to provide a network of passengers under the river will undoubtedly make a big difference. He also mentioned that in this initiative of theirs, passengers can enjoy high definition video streaming, gaming, chatting, instant photo uploading and many more things while sitting in the metro running under the river Ganga.

It is expected that Kolkata’s underwater metro will be launched for the public very soon. And then though other telecom operators will soon be setting up networks to make their customers travel experience underwater. However, Airtel preceded them by registering its name as the first underwater telecom operator by providing connectivity 35 meters below the Hooghly river.

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