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Airtel Launches New Recharge Plan, Bindas Can Connect From 184 Countries

Bharti Airtel is India’s second largest telecom operator. It has various prepaid and postpaid plans in its portfolio. Besides this telco also has several budget friendly international roaming packs for travelers. However, the company has again launched several roaming packs to make travelers enjoy traveling abroad. The price of which starts from Rs.133. And if you recharge these plans of Airtel, you can easily stay connected with cellular connection in 184 countries.

Apart from competitive pricing, the packs also include data, in-flight connectivity, 24×7 customer service support, the company said. Also, Airtel has ensured that customers will not have to subscribe to any other pack while traveling in 184 selected countries, rather users can enjoy unlimited global network using only one pack as per their travel period.

Airtel said that their sole aim is to solve all the problems of the customers and provide them with more benefits. So they are very happy to introduce affordable international roaming packs, which provide unlimited roaming access to travelers anywhere in the world. Also, these Airtel packs are offered with voice calls and data at a very affordable price compared to local SIMs in different countries.

Key Features of Airtel International Roaming Pack

Airtel’s International Roaming Pack starts at Rs 133 per day, which is much more affordable than local SIMs in most countries. Again, people have multiple thoughts while traveling. So among different thoughts by recharging a single pack if they are able to access the network all over the world, they can be free from the hassle of repeated recharges.

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