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Activator will erase the memory! The new Honda Stylo 160 is here to change the definition of a scooter

When we talk about scooters, the first image that comes to mind is – Honda Activa. No matter how many scooters Honda has had so far, no other model has been able to achieve the same popularity as the Activa. However, this Japanese two-wheeler brand is once again quick to prove this idea wrong. They have come up with an attractive scooter named Honda Stylo 160. It has a cocktail of modernity with old design to capture the hearts of the young generation

Honda Stylo 160: Design & Paint Scheme

The body panels of the retro style Honda Stylo 160 are eye-catching. Plus the excellent color scheme. In all cases the seats and floorboards are colored differently to the body colour. The large exhaust pipe is completely black. The front footrest is wide enough. The floorboards are available in two color options, black and brown.

Honda Stylo 160: Features

The scooter’s array of advanced features is undoubtedly worth appreciating. It has LED lighting, digital display, USB charging port, keyless start. It even gets optional Antilock Braking System (ABS) and Combined Braking System (CBS) to take care of rider safety.

Honda Stylo 160: Engine Specifications

Honda has always been known for producing refined engines. The Stylo 160 gets a powerful 160 cc single cylinder liquid cooled engine, which is capable of producing a maximum power of 16 BHP and 15 Nm of torque. With this powerful engine, one can rest assured that the performance of the scooter will improve. Due to the 160 cc engine, it can be used for weekend long rides or city commuting.

So far, Honda has sold the Stylo 160 only in the Indonesian market. They are saying that in the future it will be expanded to other countries. However, Honda did not reveal whether India’s name is in that list.

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