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Activa-sign to leave, Honda has decided to stop making petrol bikes and scooters

Honda will stop selling petrol-powered motorcycles and scooters from 2040. Since then, the Japanese company will make only environmentally friendly energy-powered two-wheelers.

At a time when the popularity of petrol-powered two-wheelers was at its midpoint, Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India (Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India) went the opposite route and declared the era. The people of the world are amazed to hear that. Are you eager to hear? But listen, the Japanese two-wheeler maker has said it will stop making petrol-powered models by 2040. Now the question is, how to make a two-wheeler company?

Since 2040, Honda is committed to making two-wheelers that are completely eco-friendly

The report claims that from 2040, Honda motorcycles and scooters will market only transparent and renewable energy powered models. That is, pollution will not spread from any of them. The company is targeting to launch a total of ten electric vehicles including motorcycles. They are estimated to sell 1 million EV models annually from 2026.

Later, Honda set a target of selling 35 lakh electric scooters and motorcycles annually, increasing it from 10 lakh. Honda has invested heavily in the development and production of electric vehicles over the past few years. The company is currently manufacturing solid state batteries. They have joined hands with various partners to undertake this work. At the same time, Honda is installing charging stations.

Incidentally, Honda has not yet launched a single electric scooter and motorcycle in the Indian market. However, they are expected to introduce their EV model within the next few months. Speculations are rife that the electric version of the Honda Activa could be the first to arrive. If implemented, the company will be able to challenge companies like Ola, Ather.

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