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AC fails, three friends play fancy game in the car to escape from the heat, here is the video

The plight of Indians in the moonlit April sun. How many people are adopting different methods to get rid of the uncomfortable heat. But now such a shocking scene has come forward, which will make you wonder. A group of youngsters have turned the once very popular hatchback Hyundai Santro into a swimming pool to get relief from the summer heat. That funny video went viral instantly.

A group of youngsters turned Hyundai Santro into a swimming pool

Posting from an Instagram Page on the reels It is seen that a maroon colored Hyundai Santro is standing on the side of the road. As soon as the camera moves forward, the scene inside the car comes to the fore, which makes the eyes widen. Three young men are sitting in water up to their necks. Have cold drinks and snacks on hand. Seeing their excitement, whether it is the interior of a car or a swimming pool, it is difficult to understand.

A blue tarpaulin sheet is laid inside the car. It helps in water retention. This sheet also prevents water from entering the various parts of the car. That means the car still appears to be roadworthy. Millions of people have already given their feedback after watching this video.

Incidentally, Hyundai Santro car was first launched in the Indian market in 1998. Despite being a hatchback, the spacious interior would have attracted buyers. Superstar Shah Rukh Khan was the brand ambassador of the car. The company has been selling it in this country for two decades. Production was then discontinued.

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