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5 lakh cars a year, affordable, Tesla’s grand plan with Indians in mind

Tesla’s dream of opening a car factory in India is finally coming true. Officials of billionaire Elon Musk’s company have already started talks with the Indian government to build a gigafactory in the country. According to sources, Tesla is planning to produce 500,000 electric vehicles every year in this factory.

Construction of Tesla’s factory in India is going to start soon

The US multinational had been planning to open an electric car factory in India for the past few years. At the initial stage, the idea was to import and sell their cars in this country. Business expansion was undertaken mainly targeting the Indo-Pacific region. But there arose a disagreement with the Government of India.

The Tesla boss requested the Indian government to reduce the import duty on the import and sale of cars. Instead, it was clarified by the Ministry of Heavy Industry that Tesla should build a car factory in this country and do business. The government will provide all assistance in that case. But electric cars imported from China will not be sold in this country. Then a lot of water flows through the river. None of the parties were seen to raise this issue in that way.

After nearly a year, seeing Tesla’s interest in building an electric car factory in India, many countrymen are naturally happy. Currently, China is Tesla’s largest production center after America. Where about 750,000 units of the model are manufactured annually.

Recently Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited America. There he met with Tesla boss Elon Musk. Business in India is the only topic of discussion, positive response is seen from both sides. Even Elon Musk claims to be a Modi fan. Meanwhile, if Tesla builds a factory in India, the price of their luxury cars will come down a lot. According to an all-India news agency, Tesla will be able to keep the price of their cars close to 20 lakh rupees in this country.

Meanwhile, Musk’s company Tesla has expressed its desire to create its own supply chain in India. But the Government of India requested that the organization adhere to the traditional ecosystem. Tesla executives, meanwhile, have started discussions with Indian officials about the company’s branding and possible subsidies for setting up factories. Discussions are also underway with other car companies. In a recent meeting, the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers or SIAM said that Tesla has expressed its desire to bring its own parts supplier in the country.

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