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How to create cricket team on fantasy Gaming Apps

Fantasy Gaming Apps are famous nowadays as a user can create a cricket team of 11 players of his own choice from the playing teams. This is sometimes called Fantasy cricket in which you can create a virtual team from a pool of players depending on their previous match performance and can earn points based on the current match stats.

Fantasy gaming
Fantasy Gaming Source: Indianyug

There are a bunch of fantasy gaming apps like Dream 11, Super4, My11Circle, MyTeam11, Fan2Play, MPL Fantasy Cricket, Ballebaazi, 11 Wickets, Fanfight, and more. All of the fantasy apps have similar functionalities but may have different interfaces, bonus procedures, team selection, and more. One thing to keep in mind is that making money using these apps is not simple you can have a large reward, a small reward, or even the money you spent to create the team can be lost completely but knowledge of some tips and tricks you can make a good selection of players for your team.

Tips and Tricks for selecting a Pro team on Fantasy Gaming Apps

As mentioned above, getting success or winning a fantasy cricket game is not easy you can win small prizes by selecting the players who are in good form but creating a good team of players takes a lot of research and a deep analysis of each of the factors is needed. Picking the 11 players that will perform well requires some tips and tricks which are mentioned below.

Analyze the Players’ Performance

This is the first step that you should check whether the player that you are choosing is performing well or is in form or not. This can be checked by checking the last 5 or 10 matches’ stats. You can check the average score made, physical fitness, on-field performance, and more. Selecting a well-known player is an act of foolishness if he was in the form but currently not performing well. Keep in mind that recent matches’ performance matters the most rather than the player’s career record.

How to create cricket team on fantasy Gaming Apps
Fantasy Gaming Source: MPL

Analyzing the Stadium’s Pitch and Weather

The weather and the pitch of the stadium play a crucial role when making a selection of players on fantasy gaming apps. You can check which bowler or batsman has a good track record in that stadium and also depending on the pitch if the pitch is slow and dry then choosing more spinners rather than swing pacers is a wise move or if the pitch is wet then choosing a swing bowler is a good choice. The match timings and weather also make a tiny role like the pitch is dry during the afternoon if there is no rain and at night the pitch can be wet with the dew.

Choosing the Top Order Batsman

Making a selection of good openers is needed because a good start to the match can create pressure on the opposition team. The combined scores of the top 4 players of the team is nearly 70 percent of the total score in most of the cases. As top-order players have to face most of the deliveries and for scoring a good score a good start is much needed from the top-order players.

Pick the Players on the basis of the Cricket Format

In the Indian Premier League, the players are from different continents and have masters in different cricket formats. The key point here is that some players are good in One Day or 50 overs match but in T20 matches you need a hitter that has a good strike rate so that he can score more from the limited ball deliveries.

Selecting the Captain and Vice-Captain

The Captain in these fantasy gaming apps gets 2x points of whatever points he got in that particular while the Vice Captain gets 1.5x points else other 9 players got points for what they score in that particular match. So if you are able to make the best selection of Captain and Vice-Captain the chances of getting a reward is most likely to happen. Keep in mind selecting these two doesn’t signify that you will get a big amount/ reward for a team constitute of 11 players so the presence of the best 11 players in your must be needed to get the Rank 1 price amount.

These are some tips and tricks that might help you to create a good cricket team on fantasy gaming apps and if you have some other tips/tricks you can suggest us in the comment section below. Acknowledge that these apps can make you addicted to playing fantasy cricket so play at your own risk.

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