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Xiaomi’s Viomi Instant Hot Water Dispenser launched with a front display

Viomi Instant Hot Water Dispenser

Xiaomi crowdfunds the Viomi Instant Hot Water Dispenser on the Youpin platform under the ecological chain company Viomi. The device is stated to be heated in one second without installing a water purifier.

Viomi Instant Hot Water Dispenser Specifications and Features

mi hot water dispenser

The water dispenser comes with an infrared sensor probe located under the water outlet of the drinking machine that can detect the real-time water level in the cup. So there is no need to supervise the dispenser it will automatically detect the water level and stop itself once it reaches the mark. It also has functions such as a six-stage filter element and one-second instant heating.

The hot water dispenser is equipped with thick film instant heating technology and it only takes 1 second to heat cold water to boiling water. Additionally, the dispenser also matches the best water temperature range for brewing milk, making tea and other beverages, and can automatically heat the water to a suitable temperature.

xiaomi instant water dispenser

The water purifier comes equipped with a newly 6-stage deep filtration system which is upgraded to two stages compared to the previous generation. The filter can remove 99.99% of the impurities including sand, heavy metals, bacteria, and odors in the tap water.

The water dispenser features a more compact dual-core design and a newly upgraded waterway system. The dual-core design combines the original 5 filter elements into one, which only needs to be replaced once a year so reduces the maintenance cost. The dispenser sports a large 5-inch touch display that gives the real-time water quality status and selects different modes.

Viomi Instant Hot Water Dispenser Price

Viomi Instant Hot Water Dispenser comes with a crowdfunding price of 1,699 yuan (~$249) and shipping is expected to start from November 11.

Source: Gizmochina

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