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Why Youtube is Better than TikTok – Naxon Tech

Youtube is far better than Tiktok, there are several factors on the basis of which we can conclude that statement.

TikTok vs YouTube war is raging like a political party war for elections across India. War is all about content, creativity, and clicks. But in this battle between Youtube vs Tiktok, one question arises – who owns the crown?

I took Several features,factors or aspects on the basis we decide who wins the war:

  • Type of Platform
  • Type of Content
  • How to reach on Top
  • Type of Audience
  • Copyright policies

1.Type of Platform


YouTube is an online video platform, in which you can either upload or live stream or premiere your videos. You can join your favorite channels with paid memberships to get access to exclusive content. People can do Super chat in live streams by paying money to get the attention of the YouTubers. YouTube generates revenue from adds, super chats, etc, and also pays YouTubers too. On YouTube, If your channel is verified then you can upload a video of 12 hours maximum duration or a video of 128 GB is the limit. Although Youtube is free of cost if you want some premium features or content then you have to pay for it.


Tiktok is also an online video platform, where users can upload videos max up to 60 sec or below. Tiktok is mostly a mobile application, not a great website. On Tiktok there is Nothing like adds, so no revenue and absolutely free. You can send messages on Tiktok but not on Youtube. I think there is no use of the message feature, we have good messaging apps like Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc with great messaging features so why there is a need for that message section in Tiktok.

2. Type of Content


YouTube is home to all genres of videos of any length. There are numerous categories on Youtube like education, motivation, music, movies, short films, documentaries, tutorials, vlogging, gaming, technical, scientific, entertainment, etc. Almost all the categories you are searching for are available on Youtube. The creamy layer of youtube is a big social influence.


On Tiktok content is mostly fun and entertainment. It has a very negligible amount of educational content. Content on TikTok is mostly dub smash, dance, singing, etc. Due to the limited Video Length on TikTok(max 60 sec), Content is limited and not as good as on Youtube.

3. How to reach on Top


To reach on top of youtube, you need to have great content, it is not at all easy to grow up on youtube, It took a bit longer to think the script, location, choosy lines, etc of your video so that video leaves a great impact on the audience. Even to reach 100k there is a lot of hard work, patience, etc. Reaching 10M Subscriptions or being in the list of top YouTubers is as hard as a tough nut to crack. Youtube


To reach on the top, you need to give as much entertainment as possible. That’s it, no other option. As Tiktok is one of the rapidly growing platforms, the creamy layer is also a social influencer, but not as big as youtube. On TikTok content is mostly copied and filter and songs can easily be added to your video on Tiktok so not that much hard work are required in getting your video done.

4. Type of Audience


YouTube targets every kind of person. The target audience is big and wide. As they are paid, lots of money gets invested in making videos. That’s why we have die hard fans for YouTubers. The audience on youtube is very Supportive and unite, Tiktok’s user rating is one of the examples of engagement of Youtube Audience.


Majority of people on TikTok are those with lots of time but they are definitely not in search of some learning. Target audience is mostly youth when in fun mood mostly. But TikTok audience is not as much as wide and supportive like TikTok.

5. Copyright Policies


Copyrights policies are very good on YouTube, Nobody can copy your content without your permission. If you wish you can strike a claim against copying content.


There is no such type of policy on TikTok, so anyone can use others content, without any permission.

These factors can fairly decide who own’s the crown or who’s the best among Youtube vs Tiktok. Main thing is that both are very good video platforms but what makes the difference, the type of audience and type of content.

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