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UV Rays can kill COVID-19, other viruses may soon be common as a Mobile

Uv rays can kill corona

UV rays can kill COVID-19, other viruses, and maybe a reality in the future. Many researchers working on a device that emits UV rays and kills the virus on target Areas, So we can easily fight the viruses and would not face like Coronavirus pandemic again in the future.

Coronavirus impacts almost every country in the world. The virus coming from China spread all over the world in less than 6 or 7 months. Still, many people die every day because of COVID-19. Many scientists across the globe try to make its antidotes or medicine, So we can fight with coronavirus and get rid of this disease.
Many researchers have found a solution to tackle this situation that is UV rays. Roman Engel-Herbert, Penn State associate professor of materials science, physics, and chemistry said that You need a sufficient UV light dose to kill all the viruses. So in the future, it becomes common when you take a portable device that emits UV rays and UV rays can kill COVID-19 and all the viruses. These gadgets help to disinfect targeted areas very easily by emitting high-intensity ultraviolet light.

How UV rays kill the viruses?

UV rays between 200 and 300 nanometers can effectively kill these viruses and stop it from spreading, but it is not that easy to make such portable devices, because these devices require an expensive, bulky mercury material containing gas discharge lamp with short battery life and it needs transparent electrode material too which is very difficult to set up in this device.

Joseph Roth, a doctoral candidate in Materials Science and Engineering at Penn State said that “There is currently no good solution for a UV-transparent electrode”, So his team in collaboration with researchers from the University of Minnesota works on a new material called strontium niobate, which is used as UV transparent conductor.

Microsoft Owner and currently the world’s 2nd richest man in the world Bill gates already warned us in the 2015-TED talk show in which he said “If anything kills over 10 million people in the next few decades it’s highly likely to be a highly infectious virus rather than a war. Not missiles, microbes” and today his assumption becomes accurate.

Coronavirus negatively affects the whole world even the lockdown can’t be able to stop the spread of pandemic but its have some positive effect too. This virus opens the thinking of the world, they don’t have to spend most of its expenses on making missile but need to improve their hospitals and medical sector.

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