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Making Gaming Logo Like DYNAMO and SCOUT

Making Gaming Logo Like DYNAMO and SCOUT then you are on right destination today I will tell you simple steps which helps you to make your logo for your gaming channel

Required Files


  • Open Accessibility settings in your phone
  • Turn On Magnification Option in Accessibility Settings
Making Gaming Logo Like DYNAMO and SCOUT
  • Open PUBG and tap 3 times on your PUBG character
  • When your PUBG character magnify take screenshot
Making Gaming Logo Like DYNAMO and SCOUT
  • Open screenshot in Picsart
  • Choose the cutout tool in Picsart and select the character area from image after that save it
  • Now open Pixellab and open any blank Black image
  • To open black image use three dots on right side and click on ( use image from Gallery )
  • select black image and open it
  • Open the picsart saved image using + icon
  • choose gallery
  • select image
  • Select the center tool in pixellab
  • swipe right and choose Shadow tools
  • Choose sky blue shadow and select blur radius = 10
  • Open stroke tool and choose the same color for stroke also
  • select the stroke width = 5
  • Select the second last tool in Pixellab and click on Transparent
  • Click on Floppy icon in upper section which is used to save your image
  • now save image in ultra resolution
  • Remove character
  • Import black image again
  • Now again click on + icon and choose text
  • Type your gaming channel name and click on Ok
  • Click on [A] from lower section and open font option
  • Choose the font Name = DISTGRG_
  • Click on Ok
  • Click on second last tool and make it transparent
  • Save it
  • Now Select UNDO and make it non transparent again
  • Go to text tool again
  • Now go to color and choose gradient tool and select the same gradient color as I chose in image
  • click on ok
  • Make it transparent also
  • Choose a last-second tool and click on transparent
  • Save it in ultra Resolution
  • Open the Picsart and Open background image as I gave in Download file section
  • Open the tools and crop the image in ratio 1:1
  • Go to Add image
  • Open the Character Picsart cutout saved image
  • Select opacity = 40
  • Set this image as I showed [ this is used for background image ]
  • Again click on add image , open it
  • Make sure opacity will be 100 for front image
  • Set the size of front image as i showed
  • Click on save
  • Open White color Text saved image [ your gaming channel name ]
  • Open the Border and Select Border = 17
  • Set image according to background as i showed
  • Open Color text saved image [ your gaming channel name ]
  • Now set it as i showed
  • Now Select the color text image and open Adjust Tool
  • Open Hue and change text color to purple
  • Open Red dust png
  • Zoom In and set it as i showed
  • Choose blend option
  • Select to lighten
  • Erase unwanted flare from character using erase tool
  • Now change the color of flare using hue in Adjust tool
  • Click on tick and your logo is Ready
  • Save it

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