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Samsung Rollable Smartphone Patent shows Flexible Display

Samsung Rollable Smartphone

Samsung Rollable Smartphone is in the works and as we know Samsung has already manufactured flexible displays for Samsung Galaxy fold and Z Fold. According to the LetsGoDigital report, the rollable smartphone can be pulled from either side to stretch out into a tablet size device.

As per the report, On June 11, 2019, the patent entitled “Display Device” was published in the USPTO (the United States Patent and Trademark Office) database. The patent consists of 27 sketches and a lot of attention is paid to the rolling mechanism that ensures that you can roll up and unroll the display of this device.

Samsung Rollable Smartphone Mechanism

When the display pullet out the device screen size becomes 3x as large as in its most compact form. The flexible screen can be rolled up in the housing so it can be easy to carry the device or also can be used one-handedly like a compact smartphone.

The smartphone has a large bezel on both the top and bottom of the device and instead of usual components it also incorporates a drive motor for the rolling mechanism. The Samsung Rollable Smartphone is so nicely concealed that at first glance it is hard to say that this smartphone’s screen can be pulled out. There is a round-shaped frame on the left and right-hand side of the phone that is extendable. This frame also incorporates the rolling mechanism, in addition, it serves as a grip when you pull out the phone display. The frame also ensures that the flexible screen stays better resistant to external influences.

When you pull out the flexible screen it is supported by the moving rails and the company has provided them with slots that are symmetrical to fit exactly together when the phone is rolled up again. According to these 3D renders, It is notable that a lot of dust will get between these slots over time, which can negatively influence the rollable process. Also, these rails must be prevented from bending, otherwise, they will no longer fit seamlessly together.

Additionally, To store such a large screen along with the battery, processor, and other crucial components it is very difficult for the company to me the smartphone as compact as a normal smartphone. Either the company has to compensate some components for compactness like some smartphone makers has omitted the 3.5mm jack from the smartphone due to lack of space

However, it is just a 3D render of the Samsung Rollable Smartphone the things become more clear when it will launch. There is no information regarding the launch of the smartphone.

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