Home News Realme SLED 4K Smart TV to launch soon in India

Realme SLED 4K Smart TV to launch soon in India

Realme SLED 4K Smart TV to launch soon in India
realme SLED 4K smart tv

Realme SLED 4K Smart TV is ready to make its debut in India soon, the company. Realme shared a blog post that claims that the new Smart TV from the company is “world’s first SLED 4K Smart TV”. The new LED TV will be a 55-inch smart TV with 4K resolution and as per the blog post, it will offer high color accuracy along with better eye care. Realme said that it has worked with the chief scientist of SPD Technology, John Rooymans, to develop this SLED technology.

realme sled tv

Realme says that the upcoming SLED TV will have 108 percent coverage of the NTSC color gamut. It will also have TUV Rheinland Low Blue Light certification and realme says apart from OLED, SLED display is the only one to pass have this certification. The company also claimed that the NTSC value of SLED is much better than standard LEDs and even some QLEDs. That means the Realme SLED 4K Smart TV can display more colors and cinematic visuals and delivers more vivid detailed view experience.

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In nature, white light is formed by RGB Primary Colors which is red, green, and blue. Based on that, realme developed SLED Display to bring a more natural viewing experience with SPD technology. While most LED TVs including QLED use a blue backlight which is then turned to white, realme SLED 4K smart TV uses RGB for the initial stage, hence reducing the harmful effects of blue light and providing higher color purity. The white backlight formed from RGB three basic colors combination has quite a high ability of color representation, thus realme SLED achieves a more notable wider color gamut and eye protection than QLED.

realme sled smart tv

With the RGB powered backlight SLED is also more healthy for your eyes. By not using Blue backlight at the start realme SLED“has a more balanced color distribution among red, green and blue with similar color density Thus, SLED has fewer blue light than QLED this means that your eyes will be more healthier because of the lesser blue light.

However, the company hasn’t revealed any information regarding the specifications and price of the Realme SLED 4K Smart TV. But it will unveil the SLED 4K smart TV soon.

Source: Realme