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PUBG Mobile 90 FPS support is now available for selected OnePlus Phones

PUBG Mobile has finally introduced 90 FPS Gameplay for selected Oneplus phones including OnePlus 7Pro, 7T series, and OnePlus 8 Series. Only these models of OnePlus gets the support of the enhanced frame rate. The 90 FPS experience will be available globally, except Mainland China, Japan, and Korea. These are the only countries that are excluded from the list.

Pubg Mobile 90 FPS

PUBG mobile constantly working on its update. Now, The Battle Royale game introduced 90 fps higher frame rates only for selected Oneplus phones including OnePlus 7Pro, 7T series, and OnePlus 8 Series.

Enhanced frame rates matter a lot for gamers especially in a game like PUBG in which player has to make activities such as using a scope, running and firing. Higher frame rates help the player to make faster movements as compared to its opponents. So, Selected Oneplus users will have a higher advantage over players which are using regular phones with slower framerate.

90 fps pubg mobile

The China tech company said in a press release that owners of the OnePlus 7 Pro, OnePlus 7T series, and OnePlus 8 series could access the game and play it in 90 FPS starting Thursday, August 6. All these devices already have a screen refresh rate of 90Hz and up. Although, the enhanced frame rate experience won’t be available on the newly launched OnePlus Nord that has a 90Hz refresh rate panel as well.

OnePlus CEO, Pete Lau said “OnePlus is very close with our community of tech enthusiasts, so we know that mobile gamers are looking for a more immersive and smoother experience. That’s exactly what we are delivering with this exclusive 90 FPS experience with PUBG MOBILE, one of the world’s most downloaded mobile games”.

oneplus 90fps

Interestingly, the 90FPS gameplay experience will be available globally but OnePlus said that the enhanced framerate won’t be available for PUBG lovers in a couple of countries including Japan, Korea, and Mainland China.

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