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One UI 3.0 with Android 11 available for some developers: Upcoming Features

One UI 3.0 based on the Android 11 beta version is out for registered developers from South Korea and the USA to test the new features. The update is currently being tested by developers on Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 +, or Galaxy S20 Ultra models. Samsung does not have the best reputation in the market when it comes to providing long-term software updates to the smartphone. Therefore, it is not yet possible to predict how many smartphones will benefit from One UI 3.0 and Android 11.

A public beta test will be coming in a few weeks, and also the list of supported devices may also be announced with that. The official changelog, discovered by SamMobile, already suggests what to expect from the One UI 3.0. Below you will find all the functions that the current One UI 3.0 Beta – firmware version G986U1UEU1ZTI7 – has with a size of around 2.5 GB.

One UI 3.0 based on Android 10
Source: SamMobile

One UI 3.0 features


  • Touch and hold an app to add a related widget.
  • Double-tap an empty area on the home screen to turn the screen off.


  • The dynamic lock screen now has more categories and more than one can be selected.
  • The lock screen widgets have been improved.

Quick Panel

  • Conversations and media are displayed more clearly if you swipe down from the top of the screen.

Always on display

  • The widgets for the Always On Display have been improved.


  • Accessibility settings are more readily available when setting up the device
  • Links to accessibility functions can be set in the settings.
  • Sound detection now work with SmartThings devices like televisions and lights to provide more visible alerts when the doorbell rings or a baby is crying.

Samsung DeX

  • Wireless connection to supported TVs is now possible.
  • The new multi-gestures of the touchpad make it easier to change the screen zoom and font size.


  • Added the ability to prevent websites from redirecting when the back button is tapped.
  • Alerts and blocking options for websites showing too many pop-ups or notifications have been added.
  • Several new add-ons have been added, including one that translates web pages.
  • The option to hide the status bar has been added to make surfing even more “intense”.
  • The maximum number of open tabs has been increased to 99.
  • The ability to lock and rearrange tabs has been added.
  • Improved tab design that is now supported on all devices.

Contacts and phone

  • The ability to edit multiple linked contacts at once has been added.
  • An option has been added to help delete duplicate contacts quickly.
  • The ability to customize the call screen with your own pictures and videos has been added.


  • Events with the same start time are now shown together in the month and day view.
  • The options for adding and editing events have been reorganized.
  • Improved layout for full-screen alarms.


  • Improved autofocus and automatic exposure functionality and usability.
  • Improved stabilization when photographing the moon at high zoom levels.
  • The ability to revert edited images back to their original version has been added.

Bixby routines

  • Grouped preset routines help you quickly learn how to build your own routines.
  • New conditions have been added such as specific start time, disconnection from a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi network, a call from a specific number, and more.
  • New promotions have been added, including talking to Bixby and accessibility promotions.
  • A custom icon can now be added for each routine.
  • Routines can be added to the lock screen for quick access.

One UI 3.0 has added a lot of features if compared to the previous version. However, Samsung hasn’t revealed the exact date when it will roll out to the users in India but most probably the update will reach in November.

source: Winfuture

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