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Oculus upcoming update will let you cast VR Headset to Browser

cast VR Headset to Browser

Facebook will soon provide an update or add a feature that will allow you to cast VR Headset to Browser. Many features to increase VR experience including casting VR headset to the browser are on the way as mentioned at Facebook Connect 2020 through a blog post.

Cast VR Headset to Browser

As per the blog post, the Oculus VR headset is now capable of casting through Chromecast on a Chromecast enabled TV or a phone. But if you want to share your experience inside the headset that may be much more of use. Facebook is steadily making improvements, like speeding upcasting start time and working to bump up the resolution when casting to the Oculus mobile app.

To make casting even more accessible, in a few weeks the upcoming update will make it possible to cast from your headset to a desktop browser window. Once this rolls out, you can visit using either Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, sign in, and you’ll be all set to use the “Cast to Computer” option in your headset and will easily abe to cast VR Headset to browser.

To make it possible to preserve your favorite moments even when you’re playing to an audience, the upcoming update will be adding the ability to record while casting to the Oculus mobile app.

The update will also a spectator mode to casting, this will give the ability to control the camera while watching someone cast from their headset to the Oculus mobile app. You can pan and zoom around the game independent from the caster’s viewpoint, allowing you to get a better view of the action and participate in the experience. The new camera controls will launch for a select number of apps in 2021.

Source: Oculus Blog

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