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Mi KN95 mask launched with over 95 percent Bacterial Filter Efficiency in India

Mi KN95 mask

Mi KN95 mask has been launched with over 95 percent Bacterial Filter efficiency in India. The Chinese tech company has added one more product in its daily driver portfolio. It offers four layers of protection and comes with skin-friendly material. The mask also has a nose pin that prevents any leakage and providing a better grip.

Mi KN95 mask Specifications

Mi KN95 mask

Mi KN95 features four layers of protection, The outermost part of the mask is made from a non-woven material for filtering particles whereas the innermost layer for optimal breathing. The Chinese company also provides two layers of melt-blown fabric which help in filtering bacteria and small particles.

The mask offers 95 percent Bacterial Filter Efficiency (BFE) which means it prevents any particles between the size of 1-5 microns whereas the bacterial filter avoids the entry of any nonviable particles which size varies between 0.1 microns to 1 micron. Moreover, It is made up of the microfiltration material that is soft, lightweight, and skin-friendly due to which the buyer can wear this mask for long periods.

Additionally, the Inspiratory Resistance of Mi KN95 masks is 153.9 Pa while the Expiratory Resistance is 137.9 Pa which means it provides good breathability and airflow.

Mi KN95 mask Price

A pack of 2 Mi KN95 masks carries a price tag of 250 INR (around 3.5 US Dollars), whereas a pack of 5 costs 600 INR (around 8 US Dollars). Interested buyers can purchase it from, Mi Homes, and select retail stores.

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