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LG wing spotted with Unique T-Shaped Dual Screens may launch in 2021

LG wing has been spotted on a leaked video. It is clearly visible in the video that the phone has a Unique T-Shaped Dual Screen. LG wing was firstly popped up in the news back in May and at the time, it was believed to be to launch in the second half of 2020 or in Q1 2021.

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LG wing Leaked Video revealed the First Look of the device. According to the leaked video from Android Authority, the smartphone can be seen mounted on a phone holder in a car. The main screen of the device is in a vertical position shows the navigation while the second screen is placed behind the main screen horizontally (giving the phone a T-shape) has the music player running on it.

According to Android Authority report, The second display is smaller and flips out from the bottom of the main display. LG wing firstly appeared in the news back in May when a Korean publication shared an image of the device which shows the same design as seen in the new leaked video. At the time, the phone’s primary display was said to be 6.8 inches whereas the secondary display was touted to measure four inches with a 1:1 aspect ratio.

The primary screen or front screen of the phone appears to have slim bezels on all sides. There is no notch or hole-punch cutout that can be seen on it. As per the video, The smaller second screen gets an incoming call that is then answered through that screen itself. It reveals that the incoming call did not appear on the main screen allowing for uninterrupted navigation. It is believed that LG will do some software customization especially for this smartphone which allows calls and notifications to be shown on the second display when the main screen is running a full-screen app.

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