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iQOO 120W Fast Charging Technology unveiled, coming with a new phone in August

iQOO 120W Fast Charging

iQOO 120W fast charging technology is unveiled as per the report. The new charging brick can fully charge a 4,000mAh battery within just 15 minutes. It seems that fast chargers are the key highlight the smartphone manufacturers are looking to, as rival brand Oppo also announced the launch of its 125W fast charging technology, and expected to unveil on July 15 and Realme is also working on its 100W+ charger, which may launch next month.

iQOO 120W Fast Charging Technology

iQOO 120W Fast Charging technology
Source: Weibo (iQOO)

According to a report, the brand said that its 120W technology can charge 50 percent of a 4,000mAh battery in five minutes and a full recharge can be achieved in just 15 minutes. iQOO already has several fast-charging solutions, including the 33W, 44W, and 55W technology seen in its smartphones.

According to iQOO, the technology splits the 120W (20VX6A) input into two 60W (20Vx3A) streams for the dual chips. The power is then converted into two 60W (10Vx6A) outputs that are then combined to transfer 120W (10Vx12A) to the battery.

120W fast charging technology
Source: Weibo (iQOO)

The company also claimed that the 120W fast charger will also support Intelligent Temperature Control to reduce heating. Apparently, iQOO has increased the graphite heat dissipation film in the device for the purpose. It has also improved the superconducting VC liquid cooling heat dissipation system to reduce heat and improve stability.

Last year, the company first talked about the iQOO 120W fast charging technology at the Mobile World Congress conference. Since the technology is not yet under mass production, the report also suggests that iQOO might be the first brand in the world to officially announce the same.

Source: Beebom

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