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How to share fake live location on Whatsapp – Naxon Tech

You can share a fake live location on Whatsapp without rooting your phone. In many situations you don’t want to share your current live location on Whatsapp, So to handle this situation I will show you an amazing trick which helps you to Share fake live location on Whatsapp.

Required Files

You have to download only one app in some cases if one app is not working that time you can use other apps, Method is the same for both Apps

  • Location Changer App
  • Fake GPS Location

Steps :

  • Download any one file mentioned in the Required file section.
  • Go to phone settings.
  • Go to about phone.
  • To enable Developer option Tap 7 to 8 times on Build number.
  • Now go to advance setting and open Developer Option, Enable it.
  • Scroll Down and choose Select Mock location App.
  • Select Location Changer App.
  • Go back to the home screen.
  • Open Google Maps.
  • Select that place that you want to share as your live location ( For example I choose India Gate ).
  • When you choose that place you will see a Red dropped pin tap on it.
  • Copy the selected location coordinates.
  • Go back to home.
  • Open location Changer App and give all permission.
  • Now tap on search icon from the bottom section.
  • Paste the location coordinates.
  • Now tap on Start.
  • You will see a notification from location changer app it means your fake live location is Active now.
  • Now open Whatsapp and that chat window in which you want to share this fake live location.
  • Open location Option.
  • As you can see that your fake live location appears now.
  • Simply click on Share fake live location.
  • Your fake live location is sent successfully.

Note :-

  • Don’t remove Location Changer App from the background. Only remove when you no more want to share your fake live location.
  • Don’t turn off Phone internet.
  • When you want to stop it simply stop it from the notification panel.

You can easily share a fake live location on Whatsapp by using this method. You can easily use the same method to share fake live locations in other apps too. I hope you like this method if you want more Whatsapp trick then let me know in the comment section.

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