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Garmin Venu SQ and Venu SQ Music fitness smartwatches leaked ahead of launch

Garmin Venu SQ and Venu SQ Music

Garmin Venu SQ and Venu SQ Music, two new smartwatches  from Garmin to launch soon with a square display, which should offer essential fitness features under the budget. The Winfuture report suggested the design and specifications of the smartwatches.

Garmin Venu SQ and Venu SQ Music Specifications

Garmin Venu Sq and the model with the addition “Music” are basically identical, they both offer a 1.3 inch display with 240 x 240 pixels resolution, but the music version has an additional four gigabytes of internal flash memory installed. This allows you to play up to 500 tracks directly from the watch with a music player included in this music version.

Unlike the circular design of the predecessor Venu, the screen of the Garmin Venu Sq is not an OLED panel but uses a square LCD. Nevertheless, the display should also be easy to read outdoors, whereby Garmin wants to save costs with the use of the simpler screen and thus enable a lower sales price. The watch screen is protected by Gorilla Glass 4, which is said to be relatively scratch-resistant.

The watch will include GPS, Bluetooth and an SOS function. In terms of sensors Gamin Venu Sq also includes a heart rate monitor and various other sensors with which you can monitor your heartbeat, step numbers and distances as well as various sports activities. The watch can also measure the oxygen levels of the blood . The watch can be used for contactless payment because of the NFC present on board.

The new smartwatches from Garmin can also used to create workout plans for various sports, but also for yoga and even Pilates, directly on the watch. These watches will provide a comprehensive analysis of the health of the wearer.

Garmin Venu SQ and Venu SQ Music Price ( Expected )

The Garmin Venu Sq and Venu Sq Music Smartwatches will be available in Germany within a few days at prices of 200 and almost 250 euros respectively. They are then available in various colors and always have an exchangeable plastic bracelet with a width of 20 millimeters.

Source: Winfuture

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