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Facebook Collab with CBSE to teach digital safety to at least 10,000 students

Facebook Collab with CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) to offer Certified Training on Digital Safety, Along with Augmented Reality (AR) for students and educators in India. This initiative by Facebook and CBSE helps students and adults of the nation develop skills to safely navigate on the Internet and get prepared for new jobs as well.

Facebook Collab with CBSE

Why Facebook Collab with CBSE?

Facebook and CBSE partnerships aim to teach at least a total of 40,000 students. Under the partnership, different modules have been provided for students and educators. Manoj Ahuja, Chairperson, CBSE, said in the statement “On behalf of CBSE, I am delighted to announce our partnership with Facebook. Incorporating technology and digital safety into the school curriculum will ensure students are not only gaining knowledge to succeed in the digital economy but also learning and collaborating in a safe online environment”.

According to the report, Facebook said in the statement “The curriculum will cover aspects such as safety, privacy, mental health and Instagram’s guide for building healthy digital habits”. The company is aiming to cover a minimum of 10,000 students through the training, which can be delivered by the Centre for Social Research (CSR). A selected module has been designed to assist students to become responsible digital users also as identify and report threats and harassment online and report misinformation.

Introduce AR as a curriculum

Along with teaching on digital safety and online well-being, Facebook will support CBSE in its first-ever initiative to introduce AR as a curriculum. within the first phase, 10,000 teachers are going to be trained while 30,000 students will undergo the same in the second phase. Three weeks of training to be conducted in batches in which students and educators will know the fundamentals of Augmented Reality and ways to create new AR experiences using Spark AR Studio.

How to Register?

Registrations are now open for teachers on the CBSE website, Similarly, schools, teachers, and students who want to know more about digital safety and online well-being curriculum can register on the CBSE website too.

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