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Oppo F17 pro teased to launch with a 7.48 mm sleek design

oppo f17 pro

Oppo F17 Pro teased through a gif and is coming soon to India. The new smartphone is tipped to be the “sleekest phone of 2020” with a thickness of 7.48mm. After a teaser posted by Oppo, Amazon India has created a microsite to suggest the online availability of the Oppo F17 Pro in the country. The handset will come as the latest device in the company’s F series after the Oppo F15.

The teaser shared by Oppo India suggests that the smartphone will come in a metal-finish build and a rounded edge design. The phone will be just 7.48mm thick making it the sleekest phone of 2020 and it will weigh 164 grams only.

Just after posting the teaser on Twitter, Oppo sent a press note indicating the arrival of the smartphone in the country. The note didn’t specify any details about its specifications or price, although it mentioned that the phone would come with a 220-degree edge design. “The ultra-sleek body of the Oppo F17 Pro ensures that it easily slides into the pocket or can be tucked into the bag with ease without causing any bulge,” it said.

The microsite on Amazon also shows the Oppo F17 Pro from one side. Some reports suggest the existence of the Oppo F17 alongside the F17 Pro. Oppo hasn’t revealed the launch date of its new smartphone series in the country. But considering the latest developments, the F17 Pro is likely to debut within a few days.

Source: Gadget360

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