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Facebook News all set to launch in India to control over fake news reports and disinformation campaigns

Facebook News planning to launch in India to tackle fake news reports and disinformation campaigns. Last year, The service was already launched in the USA. Moreover, the social media giant is expected to launch Facebook News in multiple countries within the next year including Brazil, France, Germany, and the UK.

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Facebook News service ready to make its debut in India in the coming months. Facebook said in an announcement that looking at the progress of the service made in the US since its launch, Now the social giant is planning to launch the news service in the aforementioned countries as well within the next six to 12 months.

Currently, The social media giant’s news service pays US publishers for content and features original reporting in their platform from more than 200 outlets, involving thousands of local news organizations. The company Global News Partnerships Vice President Campbell Brown also confirmed that the company would pay news publishers in each country.

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Source: Variety

Facebook will main to “focus on the growing engagement of Facebook News in the US.” It said that the company will remain committed to the partnerships it has developed with American publishers in order to make Facebook News a “valuable asset” over the long term.

According to the latest report, Axios cited sources telling that the social media giant might not be launching its News service in Australia. The country said in April that it would begin forcing Google and Facebook to pay news companies for content, in a landmark move aimed at guarding traditional media against the tech giants’ digital dominance.

Australia Treasurer Josh Frydenberg said: “What we want to see is a level playing field. What we want to see here is a fair go for the companies and for the journalistic content that is prepared“.

Facebook carries a total of huge 2.7 billion monthly active users. CEO Mark Zuckerberg had said the company would prioritize “trustworthy” news in its feed by identifying high-quality outlets to control the fake news reports and disinformation campaigns.

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