Home News Games A Teen Spent Over 2 Lakhs on PUBG From Grandfather’s Bank Account 

A Teen Spent Over 2 Lakhs on PUBG From Grandfather’s Bank Account 

A Teen Spent Over 2 Lakhs on PUBG From Grandfather’s Bank Account 
Teen Spent Over 2 Lakhs on PUBG
Teen Spent Over 2 Lakhs on PUBG

A 15-year-old teen Spent Over 2 Lakhs on PUBG from his 65-year-old grandfather’s account to make in-app purchases on PUBG Mobile. The teen belongs to Delhi’s Timarpur Area, according to reports. The issue reportedly came to light in May after the old man was alerted of the money transfers that took place over a period of two months. A complaint was filed in the Timarpur police station and was later shifted to the Cyber Cell of North district through which it was found that the money were transferred to Paytm for PUBG Mobile.

How a Teen Spent Over 2 Lakhs on PUBG?

The teenager withdrew Rs. 2.34 lakhs from his grandfather’s account just to reach the “Ace” rank on PUBG Mobile“, said Deputy Commissioner of Police (North) Anto Alphonse, as reported by Hindustan Times. The teenager told the police that his PUBG account was hacked after reaching the Ace rank.

As per the police investigation, ” the teenager was transferring funds from his grandfather’s account between March 7 and May 8 for fuelling PUBG Mobile“, according to a report by The Indian Express. He was using a Paytm account to transfer money from the debit card of his grandfather. As per the report by The Indian Express, ” the teen transferred a total of Rs. 2,34,497 to the Paytm account“.

However, the old man noticed on May 8 — after recieving a message from the bank, informing him of withdrawal of Rs. 2,500 from his bank account. That left him with just Rs. 275 in his account.

He visited the bank to realise that a total of Rs. 2.34 lakhs had been transferred from his account to a Paytm account in multiple instalments in over two months. He then approached us,” the DCP said, as cited by Hindustan Times.

The police reportedly contacted Paytm to identify the suspect whose Paytm account was used for transferring the funds and was able to trace the account holder. However, the account holder informed the officers that his Paytm wallet was used by a friend, who was later found to be the complainant’s grandson.

Notably, the teenager wasn’t traceable at the early stage as he allegedly removed all the one-time password (OTP) messages from his grandfather’s phone. “Whenever, one-time password (OTP) would arrive for the payments, he would take his grandfather’s phone, see the password and delete the message,” the DCP said.

The police can’t able to take any legal action against the teenager since his grandfather withdrew the complaint after knowing the Teen Spent Over 2 Lakhs on PUBG was his grandson.

However, This isn’t the first time when a player set his family members back by lakhs of rupees just for sake of leveling up on PUBG Mobile. In July, a 17-year-old from Punjab also spent Rs. 16 lakhs from his parents’ bank accounts on the battle royale game and also a Mohali-based 15-year-old who reportedly spent Rs. 2 lakhs on the game from his grandfather’s pension account.

Today’s Pubg Mobile has Ended the partnership with Tencent in India just after the Indian Government put a ban on Pubg Mobile with 117 more Chinese Apps to ensure the safety, security, and sovereignty of Indian cyberspace. Now PUBG Cooperation will take over all its publishing responsibilities within the country by itself and committed to doing so by sustaining a localized and healthy gameplay environment for its fans.

Erangel 2.0

Pubg also announced the Pubg Mobile 1.0 update that introduces major changes to the game such as the New Erangel map, a new Royale Pass Season which is coming soon, some changes to Cheer Park and Training Ground, as well as improvements in Livik Map too. Due to the Pubg ban in India, a 21-year-old boy committed suicide a few days ago.

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